Attention to the clients is absolute by the side of Soraman’s staff. For this reason, the company strongly relies on Project management, entrusting the management/supervision of each job to the Project Manager. This figure engages both with clients and designers, making sure that the communication between the two parties goes in the right direction. This is what grants the success of a job: designers and manufacturers who take care of the clients’ requests and deliver a bespoke product.

The Project Manager also assures the respect of delivery dates and engages with those responsible at the construction site during the last phase of furniture setup.


Laying the right foundation is essential for any type of project. Additionally, in the field of interior design it is necessary to plan each and every detail so that the clients are provided exactly with what they requested. The Veneto company assures to its clients the furnishing of any interior space, be it a commercial area or a house, providing a valid consulting service through expert architects and designers.

The Planning & Design department guarantees the quality of materials and cutting edge technologies, as well as an accurate study of the environments to be furnished.


By “mockup” we define models or prototypes stands, set designs and general settings, which are built in order to test in detail a project before its final construction. Soraman shows its clients well defined mockups of the furniture they requested, so that they can assess in advance their functionality and appearance.

The company’s designers, monitored by the Project Manager, reproduce and test the commercial or housing spaces, in order to be sure they can provide the clients with the best solution.


Production is the beating heart of Soraman srl, where the tradition of expert craftsmen blends with the most innovative technologies. This is the added value of the Venetian company: the combination of past and present, the experience gained over decades of work and the openness to new techniques for processing materials.

The staff of professionals work in perfect harmony to give shape to the customers’ creativity, to make even the most daring ideas concrete. The final product will be tailored to the needs of the customers, who have never been disappointed or dissatisfied to date.


Assembling the interior furniture made by Soraman is the final step of the job, and a crucial one. With meticulousness and competence, the staff of installers of the company works in synergy with the transporters (indicated by customers or suggested by the company) and with the Project Manager, taking care of the installation of furniture and fittings in a short time.

The technicians, upon request, are at the client’s full disposal also for possible further interventions for management or redefinition of the furnished spaces.