The experience of craftsmen from Veneto, who were able to appreciate and adopt new technologies over time, assures the quality of Soraman’s furniture. The company is specialized in the design, production and assembling of interior furniture and offers its clients quality products.

Furnishings for hotels, resorts, luxury houses, showrooms and any other type of environment is initially projected by the designers together with the clients – in order to perfectly meet their needs – and then is produced and delivered ready for use.

Soraman’s manufacturers produce “Made in Italy”, customized and bespoke spaces, according to the needs and the context where they will be installed.

Our philosophy

Soraman srl was established to integrate and enhance local artisan production units in order to offer a product that meets today’s needs in the field of luxury supplies.

  • Curiosity in the evaluation of new spaces
  • Precision in graphic feedback
  • Passion for studying and designing details
  • Attention in refining materials and surfaces
  • Love in the organization of logistics
  • Therefore, providing the clients with an efficient service using many years of experience, in order to assure assistance in the planning phase that is essential to produce highly manufactured furniture.